Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk Are No Longer Shaken by Members Leaving for the Military

2015-03-05 17:42:45 2015-03-05 17:42:45

Super Junior-D&E revealed that they are no longer shaken by their members leaving for the military. When talking about Sungmin and Shindong’s upcoming army enlistment, they said, “We don’t even tear up for them anymore.”

During the showcase for their first album “The Beat Goes On,” held on March 6, they said, “Though we cried a little at first for our members leaving for the military, we’ve gotten used to it by now.”

“Now we just think ‘I guess he’s leaving too.’ Of course we will miss them. However, we believe that our members will do well in the military,” they added.

Meanwhile, Super Junior-D&E’s first album includes seven songs, such as “The Underdogs,”  “Hitchhiker,” and “Noize Bank.” The title song “Growing Pains” especially highlights the aftermaths of heartbreak.