Amber Reveals That She Gets Hurt Easily When People Mistake Her for a Boy

2015-03-06 18:23:22 2015-03-06 19:00:37

Girl group f(x)‘s Amber confesses her feelings about the prejudice she faces because of her style.

On the March 6 episode of MBC‘s “I Live Alone,” Amber, who is recently gaining attention for her amazing work on the variety show “Real Men,” appears as a guest.

The singer confesses that “I look strong [on the outside], but I get hurt easily,” speaking about the prejudices she faces because of her boyish style.

Amber adds, “I’m a girl, aren’t I? But people get surprised when I go to the bathroom. They say, ‘I think you’ve come into the wrong place.’ I really understand their mistake, but honestly, I can’t help but feel hurt and I don’t like it.”

She also says, “What I wish is for people to say it nicely. People tend to say it in an attacking manner.”