Kim Tae Woo Hopes His Third Child Turns Out to Be a Son

2015-03-07 11:05:58 2015-03-07 11:05:58

Singer Kim Tae Woo and his wife, Kim Ae Ri, recently expressed their anticipation for their third child together through “Entertainment Weekly.”

On the March 7 broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly,” the entertainment news program released a report about Kim Tae Woo’s third child to be born.

During one of the most recent filming days for the variety show “Oh! My Baby,” on which the singer and his wife appear with their two daughters, Kim Tae Woo and his wife revealed the news that they are currently expecting a third child.

On this topic, a representative of the singer’s agency said, “[Kim Ae Ri] will soon be entering her 12th week of pregnancy. The delivery date is expected to be in September or October. [The couple] is hoping that their third child will be a son as they already have two daughters.”