Mizuhara Kiko Reported to Have Been Secretly Escorted by YG Representative at Airport

2015-03-07 18:24:58 2015-03-07 18:24:58

Korean Japanese model Mizuhara Kiko, famous due to her scandal with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, entered Korea in absolute secrecy. In order to hide her identity, she completely covered her face with a black hat and white mask.

She arrived at Gimpo International Airport late afternoon on March 6 and immediately traveled with a YG Entertainment representative, though she hasn’t posted any upcoming schedules.

On the issue, a YG representative told Xports News, “We have nothing to say about her arrival.”

Last October, pictures that revealed Mizuhara Kiko and G-Dragon sharing an intimate moment at a bar in Seoul, which resurfaced rumors of the two stars’ relationship again. Back then, as well, YG Entertainment remained silent on the issue.

Mizuhara Kiko is a Korean-Japanese model whose father is American and mother is Korean Japanese. After debuting through the magazine ViVi in 2007, she has been the sweetheart of Japan due to her mysterious aura and charming looks.

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