Moon Hee Jun Shares That a Hollywood Star Recognized Him First

2015-03-07 13:58:41 2015-03-07 13:58:41

Singer and entertainer Moon Hee Jun recently shared a behind-the-scenes story about a time when he had a run-in with a Hollywood star on “Immortal Song.”

The March 7 broadcast of KBS’ singing competition program “Immortal Song” aired a ‘Show Show Show – The Return of the Stars’ special.

During this episode, one of the main MCs, Moon Hee Jun talked about a time when he met Paris Hilton. He explained, “I met Paris Hilton one time and she actually recognized me first,” stirring curiosity in the rest of the guests.

The singer added on, “When I asked how she knew me, she said that she saw me as the MC of a program with a lot of singers,” and surprised everyone with the fact that Paris Hilton has watched “Immortal Song.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Show Show Show – The Return of the Stars’ special of the show is scheduled to air over a period of two weeks.