Cube Entertainment’s Upcoming Girl Group CLC Releases Teaser Image

2015-03-08 19:53:01 2015-03-08 19:53:01

Cube Entertainment‘s newest girl group CLC has released a teaser image for their impending debut.

Cube Entertainment, home to other artists like 4Minute, Beast, and G.NA, revealed the group’s debut date and the first teaser image through the newly created Facebook page for CLC.

CLC, which stands for “CrystaL Clear,” announced that they will be debuting on March 19 with their first mini album. In the teaser image, the five members of the group can be seen with their faces hidden behind balloons.

The group consists of four Korean members and one Thai member. They are aiming to become a “global girl group” to represent the next generation of idols. All the members have trained for two to four years.

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