Ji Sung Revealed to Have Been Acting Even with Vocal Fold Edema

2015-03-08 20:37:06 2015-03-08 20:37:06

It was revealed that actor Ji Sung has been continuously filming MBC‘s “Kill Me, Heal Me” despite his vocal fold edema.

Recently, Ji Sung was getting ready for a shoot when suddenly, he couldn’t produce a voice. The sheer amount of filming as well as the difficult nature of the acting required of Ji Sung seems to have caused the swelling in his vocal folds; he accounts for over 80 percent of the drama’s screen time every week.

The edema came after he finished recording the drama’s OST, “Violet.” It was relayed that Ji Sung was very upset that he couldn’t produce a voice so close to the climax of the drama.

However, it was also revealed that Ji Sung stayed calm even through the staff’s concern, and was only worried that the filming would be slowed down because of him. Even though the doctors had recommended rest for his voice, he returned to the set, earning the admiration of the staff. His management company representative said, “Ji Sung feels a very strong sense of responsibility towards this work. When people around him recommend him rest, he quiets them by saying, ‘Not acting is even more stressful for me.'”

A “Kill Me, Heal Me” representative said, “There was a scene that had to be filmed during the day, so it wasn’t possible to stop. Ji Sung realized this and hid his pain as he acted. Even during breaks, he’s always looking at the script and is thinking of the next scene. He’s always very passionate and we were very touched by his consideration and dedication.”

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