Lizzy and Park Soo Jin Visit Unlimited Refill Lobster Restaurant on “Tasty Road”

2015-03-08 11:56:30 2015-03-08 11:56:30
park soo jin lizzy

An unlimited refill lobster restaurant in Seoul was recently featured on cable channel Olive’s food program “2015 Tasty Road” and has fast become the talk of the town.

On the March 7 broadcast of “2015 Tasty Road,” MCs Park Soo Jin and After School‘s Lizzy visited a lobster restaurant, which offers unlimited refills on lobster as well as a variety of other menu items.

Park Soo Jin couldn’t believe it at first, “Unlimited lobster refills doesn’t even make sense.”

The two MCs shimmied their way over to the seafood corner and brought back the steamed lobster and the honey butter lobster.

park soo jin lizzy

Lizzy couldn’t contain the joy of her tastebuds. “It’s sweet and savory. It’s really fresh,” she said.

The pricing is 110,000 won (approximately $100 USD) per adult and 55,000 won (approximately $50 USD) per child under 13 years old.

Hungry yet?