Lee Moon Se and SISTAR’s Soyu to Collaborate on “Healing Camp”

2015-03-09 20:26:59 2015-03-09 20:26:59

Singer Lee Moon Se and SISTAR‘s Soyu will be meeting on SBS‘s variety show “Healing Camp.”

According to a SBS representative, the two singers recently filmed “Healing Camp” together with Soyu joining him on the show for support.

The meeting is meaningful as Lee Moon Se is the original king of collaborations, and Soyu is the new queen of collaborations. As such, the two of them sang together on the show for a sweet collaboration stage.

Lee Moon Se and Soyu weren’t particularly well-acquainted before this, but it was relayed that they showed chemistry as though they had been singing together for years.

On the episode, Byun Jin Seob and Lee Jung also came to support Lee Moon Se. The two of them not only sang with Lee Moon Se, but also shared fun stories.

This episode of “Healing Camp” will air at the end of March or the beginning of April.