Ga In Gets Playful and Sexy with Forbidden Fruit Concept in “Apple” MV Teaser

2015-03-10 03:29:54 2015-03-10 03:29:54

Following up on her teaser video for “Paradise Lost,” Ga In has released a preview for “Apple,” the second title track from “Hawwah.”

The song, featuring Jay Park, takes a cute and playful, but sexy turn on the concept of the “forbidden apple,” and is punctuated with jazzy piano.

Unfortunately, it’ll be difficult to catch “Apple” on air, as it has received a 19+ rating due to its lyrics: “I want to do it more, because they say I shouldn’t / I want to have it more because they say I can’t.”

Meanwhile, “Hawwah” is set for release at midnight on March 12.

Check out the video and preview photos for “Apple” below:

ga in apple 4

ga in apple

ga in apple 2

ga in apple 3