Ryu Leaves Mr. Mr., Group to Add New Member for April Comeback

2015-03-10 14:26:56 2015-03-10 14:26:56

Mr. Mr. has declared that member Ryu will be officially leaving the group and that they will be having a comeback in April with a new member.

The group’s agency WinningIn Sight Music announced, “There is a concert coming up in April in Japan that we have been planning for since last year. It’s impossible to hold it with just four members.” They continued, “We unfortunately had to hold last-minute auditions for the new member, and we don’t have enough time to properly prepare for the April 23 comeback. Please keep this in mind.”

The possible candidates for the fifth member of Mr. Mr. are Jaemin and Sanghyun. They will prepare for the April 5 Japanese concert with the existing group members. The final member will be chosen after the concert.

Previously, former member Ryu has voiced his issue with the agency through his Twitter, where he claimed that the agency CEO verbally and physically abused him. He also questioned the agency’s transparency with their revenue.

On Ryu’s allegations, the company responded, “We have shared our finances with the members and even when there wasn’t an income, we gave them a monthly stipend.” They also revealed, “We were initially planning on a January comeback, but Ryu refused to record because he was not satisfied with the song.” They further added, “Ryu left the group on his own.”

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