“Unpretty Rapstar” Members Talk about Yoon Mirae and How She Became an Obstacle for Female Rappers

2015-03-10 19:40:37 2015-03-10 19:42:04

Rappers of Mnet‘s TV show “Unpretty Rapstar” had a discussion about rapper Yoon Mirae during a joint interview on March 10.

When asked why no women rappers have ever stepped up to second Yoon Mirae, Cheetah grabbed the microphone to answer. She started, “Personally, I have a lot of respect for sunbae Yoon Mirae. But I think the reason female rappers haven’t been noticed is because people keep looking for ‘The Next Yoon Mirae,’ or ‘The Next Something.’ We all want to become ‘The First’ of something, but people create a standard that fits Yoon Mirae and want us to meet that standard. I wish people will stop creating standards and just listen to us with open minds.”

Yook Ji Dam added, “I’m sure all female rappers here grew up listening to sunbae Yoon Mirae’s songs. This is why if we’re ever called, ‘The Next Yoon Mirae,’ it wouldn’t make us feel bad, but I think it’s something we have to overcome.”

Meanwhile, “Unpretty Rapstar” members brought up the name “Yoon Mirae” several times during the show, including when Jessi complimented Yook Ji Dam by saying that she could become “The Next Yoon Mirae.” AOA‘s Jimin had also revealed during an interview that she practiced with Yoon Mirae’s songs during her trainee days.