“Unpretty Rapstar’s” Jolly V Sees Diss Battles as Pure Sport, Tymee Disagrees

2015-03-10 18:33:58 2015-03-10 18:33:58

Jolly V and Tymee participated in a joint interview held on March 10 for Mnet’s female rapper competition show “Unpretty Rapstar.”

The two rappers, who recently laid it all out in a heated one-on-one diss battle on “Unpretty Rapstar,” shared their differing perspectives on diss battles.

Jolly V said, “In the case of Eminem, he’ll call out a certain person in a diss, but it’s really not a diss because it’s for the sake of satire. In that respect, you can see his sense of humor.”

She continued, “Just look at it as a sport. We are rappers, and rap is our weapon. Like in sports, we just show off our abilities in the arena.”

Tymee disagreed, “I [consider] diss [battles] a bit differently. I think it’s a little too light to compare them to sports because for you to diss someone at all means that you don’t like or can’t stand the person.”

She added, “I think Jolly V and I fought precisely because our views on diss battles are different. We’ve both dissed and been dissed, and I feel like going forward. It’s best to just [produce] good music. I feel like when you say malicious words, you degrade yourself.”

What are your views on diss battles? Pure sport or personal?