MC Mong to Feature in NS Yoon-G’s New Digital Single

2015-03-11 15:06:32 2015-03-11 18:42:58

For the first time since his comeback, MC Mong will be lending his talents to another artist’s track. We can look forward to hearing him on NS Yoon-G‘s new digital single, which comes out on March 20.

Collaborations like this between K-pop stars have become a recent trend, although they’re not new to NS Yoon-G. Other artists that have been featured in her songs in the past include Jay Park in “If You Love Me” and most recently Giriboy in “Fluttering Feelings.”

Although the name of the song has yet to be announced, rumor has it that it combines a hip-hop R&B vibe with some new, experimental elements.

MC Mong’s contribution to the song follows his comeback earlier this month, when he released the MV for his single “Love Mash.”

For NS Yoon-G, this new single will be her first project so far in 2015.