Red Velvet Welcomes New Member YeRi to the Group

2015-03-11 19:41:15 2015-03-11 19:41:15

Red Velvet will be welcoming a fifth member, YeRi, to the group before their upcoming comeback.

On March 12, SM TOWN revealed a video on their official YouTube account welcoming YeRi.

In the clip, Joy, Irene, Seulgi, and Wendy are standing in a straight line, while YeRi can be seen back in the background. Wendy introduces the new member by saying, “We now have a fifth member. If you call out her name with us, she will run forward.”

As the other four members cry out her name, YeRi runs towards the group with a bubbly shriek. Soon after the original members give her a hearty slap on the back as they welcome her, portraying that they are all truly friends.

Red Velvet, with the addition of YeRI, will be releasing their new song “Ice Cream Cake” on March 18.