Shoo’s Twins Ra Hee and Ra Yool Show Their Different Personalities in “Oh! My Baby” Preview Stills

2015-03-13 02:12:37 2015-03-13 02:12:37

Twins Ra Hee and Ra Yool reveal their very different personalities in the upcoming episode of SBS’s “Oh! My Baby.” Despite looking identical enough to confuse their own mother, Shoo, the twins have their unique personalities.

Their mother Shoo explained their traits saying, “One twin is broad-minded and solves problems easily. She has a lot of curiosity and is meddlesome. On the other hand, the other twin is delicate despite the way she looks. Perhaps it’s because of this trait she has a lot of fear, but she is the type to immerse herself into one thing she is preoccupied with.”


The sisters showcase their different nature in how they interact with the main camera director nicknamed “Uncle Ryohei” in the upcoming episode.


After waking up and discovering Uncle Ryohei, one twin yawns widely and greets him while showing aegyo. On the flip side, the other twin says, “Uncle is scary. Go away!” and rejects him.


The camera director is said to have commented, “It seems like the kids called me “Oppa” just yesterday. I’m shocked and hurt. I guess the day I have to shave my facial hair might come.”

You can see their different personalities on the March 14 broadcast.