Cross Gene’s Takuya Is Always the One Getting Dumped

2015-03-14 20:32:31 2015-03-14 20:32:31
dating alone

On the March 14 broadcast of JTBC’s virtual dating show “Dating Alone,” Cross Gene’s Takuya opens up about his dating style.

He shares, “It’s difficult for me to get mad. It’s hard for me to express anger even to guys.”

MC Jang Dong Min asks, “Then have you ever fought with a girlfriend?” to which Takuya responds, “I don’t think I’ve ever fought [with a girlfriend]. Even if I’m mad I won’t express it.”

dating alone jang dong min

Jang Dong Min continues, “Then you must have dated before; how did things end?”

Fellow Cross Gene member Shin answers instead for Takuya, “He’s always the one getting dumped.”

Jeon Hyun Moo asks, “And you always broke up with that [smiling] expression, right?”

Takuya laughs and says, “Yea, always.”

What do you think about Takuya’s dating style?