Kim Jong Kook Has a New Love Interest on “Running Man”

2015-03-14 00:16:29 2015-03-14 00:16:29

The upcoming episode of SBS’s “Running Man” features actresses Kim Seo Hyung and Ye Ji Won for a special race.

Since Kim Seo Hyung does not appear on variety shows often, many are excited about seeing her variety persona.

In the opening sequence, she surprises the members of the show with her short greeting and unexpected actions. She wears a white dress and poses like the Statue of Liberty. This resulted in everyone, including the staff, to burst out in laughter.

Later, Kim Seo Hyung is in a car with Kim Jong Kook and Haha. She asks Haha what Kim Jong Kook is like and reveals her interest in Spartakooks. Shyly, she asks him to take a picture with her. Third wheel Haha helps them out and even gives them a couple nickname.

RunningMan1 RunningMan2

Find out how this romance results when it airs on March 15!

Meanwhile, watch the preview video below: