Amber Engages in Push-Up Contest with Former Pro Basketball Player Seo Jang Hoon and Musician Yook Joong Wan

2015-03-15 02:58:13 2015-03-15 02:58:13

On the March 14 episode of “Quiz to Change the World,” f(x)’s Amber goes head-to-head in a push-up contest with former pro basketball player Seo Jang Hoon and Rose Motel member Yook Joong Wan.

Kim Gu Ra calls the guys out from the start, saying that “[Seo Jang Hoon and Yook Joong Wan] will definitely not be good at push-ups.”

In the end, in a contest to see who can do 10 push-ups the quickest, Amber emerges victorious, clearly having maintained her push-up abilities from her days on “Real Men.”

When Kim Gu Ra says Seo Jang Hoon disqualifies because of bad form, the basketball player gets flustered and says, “It’s not that, it’s that I have an old injury; if it were back then I’d do 100.”

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