Girl’s Day’s Minah Declares “I Am a Woman Too” with Solo Debut MV

2015-03-15 22:21:18 2015-03-15 23:14:33

Girl’s Day’s Minah declares that she is a woman too in her first-ever solo music video.

In the music video for “I Am a Woman Too,” the title track of Minah’s solo debut mini album of the same name, the singer takes on a more mature look.

In keeping with the subject matter of the song, the singer is both sultry and sentimental as she dances and sings along to the emotive synth-based R&B track, “I’m going to have to keep myself busy every day/ You always thought I’d be strong/ But I’m a woman too, baby.”

While there are several outfit and setting changes, all of them express the loneliness and angst that comes from a one-sided love.

Meanwhile, Minah’s “I Am a Woman Too,” which was released on March 16, contains a total of five songs, including “Colorful” and “So Weird” (working title).

What do you think about “I Am a Woman Too?”