Haha Tries to Be the Matchmaker for Kim Jong Kook and Kim Seo Hyung on “Running Man”

2015-03-15 06:55:32 2015-03-15 06:55:32

On the episode of SBS’s variety show “Running Man” aired on March 15, Haha tries to play the matchmaker for Kim Jong Kook and actress Kim Seo Hyung.

When Kim Seo Hyung forms a team with Kim Jong Kook and Haha, she jokes, “Starting from the New Year, I really want to see both of you as men,” showing her preference towards younger men.

In response, Haha asks, “Are you attracted to people like Kim Jong Kook,” to which she answers, “He is my type. I’m sorry that I’m older though.”

haha matchmaker 2

Sensing the opportunity, he jokingly starts to set the two up, saying, “I’m so sorry for sitting between you two. Why don’t you all hold hands.”

“It’s super easy to make Kim Jong Kook yours,” he says as he gives Kim Seo Hyung advice. “Just say that you like him three times today.”

Meanwhile, on this episode of “Running Man,” actresses Kim Seo Hyung and Ye Ji Won appeared as guests to participate in the “Water Fairy Race.”