IU to Sing Theme Song for Variety Program “Take Care of My Dad”

2015-03-15 10:04:29 2015-03-15 10:04:29

It has been revealed that singer IU will be taking part in singing the theme song for SBS’ real-variety program “Take Care of My Dad.”

“Take Care of My Dad” is a show that focuses on the relationships between a number of male celebrities and their daughters. Cameras capture the process of the male celebrities returning to being “normal” fathers as they try to restore the father-daughter relationship.

IU will be lending her distinct clear and sweet voice to the theme song for the show, expressing lyrics that are relatable to the fathers and daughters on the show.

When asked about her thoughts on participating in the OST, IU shared, “This past Lunar New Year, I watched ‘Take Care of My Dad’ and was able to look back on my own relationship with my dad. When I received the offer to sing the theme song, I happily accepted. I went into the recording while thinking of my dad.”

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