SBS to Stop Airing 9pm Weekend Dramas

2015-03-15 19:37:40 2015-03-15 19:37:40

SBS has made the decision to stop airing weekend dramas in its 9pm slot completely.

With the conclusion of “The Family Is Coming” on March 15, SBS will no longer be airing weekend dramas in its usual evening time slot.

SBS has been airing weekend evening dramas for the last 24 years. Some more recent notable works included “Toji” (2005), “Golden Bride” (2008), and “My Love By My Side” (2011).

However, the recent SBS dramas that inhabited the 9pm slot have shown disappointing ratings compared to their competitors on KBS and MBC who often had ratings over 20%. With the decrease in ratings, the network also found it difficult to acquire advertising deals to keep the drama program going.

An associate from the SBS drama department said, “We had to get rid of the drama time slot due to low advertising sales. The spot will be given over to variety programming or educational programming in the future that are more cost-effective.”

The time slot will now be taken up by father-daughter variety program “Take Care of My Dad” on Saturdays and comedy show “People Looking for a Laugh” on Sundays.