“Superman Returns” Man Se Struggles to Switch from Diapers to Underwear?

2015-03-15 13:28:49 2015-03-15 13:28:49

Actor Song Il Gook’s triplet sons, Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se, have taken a step closer to growing up by making the big transition from diapers to underwear. However, on the latest episode of “Superman Returns,” the youngest triplet, Man Se, ran into a bit of trouble adjusting to the change and provided viewers with a good laugh.

On the broadcast of KBS’ variety show “Superman Returns” that aired on March 15, cameras captured Man Se changing into underwear all on his own without the help of his dad.

Dad Song Il Gook warned his sons, “Now that you’re wearing underwear, you have to make sure to tell me if you need to go to the bathroom,” to which Man Se nodded, showing that he understands.

However, Man Se ended up seeing his business in a corner of the room. After seeing this, Song Il Gook couldn’t help but let out a laugh of despair.

As he was getting cleaned up in the bathroom, Man Se saw that his underwear had changed color and giggled, saying, “I pooped in my underwear. It’s yellow underwear [now]. But I wore pink [underwear]?”