Chun Jung Myung Is Almost Fully Recovered from Shingles

2015-03-16 07:58:56 2015-03-16 07:58:56

Actor Chun Jung Myung is on the road to recovery from shingles and will soon be restarting his delayed schedules.

On March 16, according to a representative of his managing agency Red Line Entertainment, he has currently recovered enough to jump back into his daily routines.

After he had been diagnosed for shingles on March 9, Chun Jung Myung has been fully resting while receiving treatment.

“We believe that his endless schedules might have been too much for his body,” his managing agency announced when news first spread about his health. “He will be resting at home and travel back and forth to the hospital for treatment.”

“Although he isn’t fully cured yet, he is still better compared to last week. He will start his delayed schedules, such as interviews, on March 17,” they added.

Meanwhile, Chun Jung Myung played the role of an arrogant psychiatrist in the recently ended drama “Heart to Heart.”