Haha and Byul Reveal Why They Registered Their Marriage Before Their Wedding

2015-03-16 19:19:07 2015-03-16 19:19:07
haha byul

On the March 16 broadcast of SBS talk show “Healing Camp,” entertainer Haha and his wife Byul revealed the reason why they registered their marriage before their wedding ceremony.

Haha says, “The wedding was set for November, and we announced it in August. I was alone [at the press conference] for the marriage announcement, but even journalists I’m close with were asking me pointed questions. It just felt unfair because I was getting a lot of questions about skinship, but I really had only hugged [Byul]. I really protected her.”

He continues, “A reporter asked me a question trying to get on my nerves. So I just couldn’t hold [my anger] in and reiterated our commitment to saving ourselves for marriage. I was hoping to phrase things well, but it happened like that. I was sorry to Byul and to my mother.”

Byul adds, “And then after announcing [our wedding] like that, he felt like I was already his wife and began to struggle a lot.”

Haha says, “I was really frustrated and would scream a lot. A guy’s head, heart, and body are all different. That’s why we went ahead and registered our marriage first.”