Mad Clown Revealed to Be Collaborating with Davichi on Their Next Single “Two Lovers”

2015-03-16 20:35:12 2015-03-16 20:35:12

Rapper Mad Clown has been revealed to be the mystery rapper that will be featured on female duo Davichi‘s upcoming single.

Earlier, the duet released a teaser image for their next single “Two Lovers,” hinting at a collaboration with a rapper whose identity was not revealed. 

It has now been announced by the duet’s agency CJ E&M that they will be collaborating with Starship X rapper Mad Clown.

“Two Lovers” is a song by the production team behind Soyu x Junggigo‘s “Some.” It has been described as a prequel to “Some.”

The teaser video for the single shows the two singers in Hong Kong, along with model/actor Do Sang Woo.

The song will be released tomorrow (March 18).

Watch the teaser video for “Two Lovers” below.