Ji Sung Is Down to Work with Hwang Jung Eum Again Anytime

2015-03-17 19:26:49 2015-03-17 19:28:33

Ji Sung says he’s down for round 3!

The actor sat down for an interview on March 17, where he thanked his drama costar Hwang Jung Eum and talked a little bit about his second drama with her, “Kill Me, Heal Me.”

“We’ve said to each other ‘what kind of fate is this,’” says Ji Sung. “For me it’s two in a row [with Hwang Jung Eum]. It’s hard to do two, much less two consecutive dramas [with the same person].”

The actor says it’s impossible to ignore chemistry between actors, and thanks Hwang Jung Eum. “When you’re acting, if your costar doesn’t give you any reaction, there’s no use. Jung Eum does it all.” He continues, saying that it’s because Hwang Jung Eum was there that the various personalities were able to come to life, and that “she’s an excellent actress.”

“If I get the chance to work with Jung Eum again, I would like to, anytime. She says after she gets married. I think that’ll be the case.”

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