Lee Bo Young Cried Watching Ahn Yo Na Run Down the Street

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“Watching our family head running, I cried.” Lee Bo Young told Ji Sung after his scene running down the streets of Hongdae as Ahn Yo Na for “Kill Me, Heal Me.”

It turns out, Lee Bo Young was there that day. “Once Lee Bo Young said she wanted to watch a Yo Na scene and secretly came to Hongdae when we were filming,” says Ji Sung in his interview with TV Daily.

She was there with 500-600 other spectators, who waited for three hours of prep time before the shoot. “It was embarrassing running in front of so many people, but I thought ‘It’s acting. Concentrate,’ and ran,” says Ji Sung, who continues, saying that he thought Lee Bo Young would be happy watching Yo Na run, but that she cried.

“After seeing the Yo Na scene, Lee Bo Young started bringing me lunch and treating me better.”

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On having to leave his seven different characters, the actor says, “I thought a lot about how to portray the different characters, what kind of message to give, and what kind of sincerity to inject into them. But I didn’t get my hopes up and let what happened happen, and because of that, I think the viewers were really able to relate to and love the characters.”

Ji Sung says he loves all of his characters: “When will I ever act in a school girl outfit as Yo Na, and when will I ever have on eyeliner as Shin Se Gi, or have a thick accent like Perry Park? Each and every one of the characters will have a special place in my heart.”

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