Lee Ha Na Says Song Jae Rim Truly Cares for People Around Him

2015-03-17 22:58:36 2015-03-18 05:38:50

Actress Lee Ha Na has shared about the kind and caring nature of her “Unkind Women” co-star Song Jae Rim.

During a press conference of the drama on March 18, the actress revealed, “I got sick not too long ago, and through my manager, Song Jae Rim sent me over ten different kinds of cold medicine, telling me to eat them and get better. He is a very warm and caring person.”

With a slightly disappointed tone, she added, “However, I soon found out that he is the doctor of every staff member,” and made others smile with her cute comment.

Lee Ha Na went on to talk about actor Kim Ji Suk and praise his caring attitude. She said, “We once had to wrap up our shoot earlier than usual. This is when Kim Ji Suk personally wrote our lines on a piece of paper, and helped us to finish quicker. Thanks to him, we wrapped up the shoot without any NGs. On cold days, he handed out various kinds of hotpacks,” expressing how much she appreciates the actor’s considerate gestures.