Shin Hae Chul’s Family Sues Hospital for 2 Billion Won

2015-03-17 07:06:32 2015-03-17 07:06:32

The family of the deceased singer Shin Hae Chul will be going to court against the hospital that performed the last surgeries on the singer before his death.

Shin Hae Chul’s wife and two other members of his family will be filing a claim for damage against the hospital and its head doctor, K.

Previously, police determined that the hospital’s medical negligence resulted in the singer’s death. Doctor K, who performed the surgery on the singer, has since refuted this claim.

According to a release by KCA Entertainment on March 17, the family of the deceased filed their case to the court on March 16.

Doctor K is currently under a reorganization proceeding, which means that the family of the deceased can only file a case for compensation at this point. Their legal representative commented to the media that “Out of the 2 billion won, we are expecting them to win at least half of it.”

Doctor K, who filed for bankruptcy, has earlier stated that he had a “debt of over 9 billion won,” and that “he had plans to build a new hospital targeting foreigners with an investment of 50 billion won, but after the Shin Hae Chul situation, it has fallen apart.”

The famed singer passed away on October 27 of 2014.