SISTAR’s Bora Joins Boyfriend and Dances to “Bounce”

2015-03-17 21:10:19 2015-03-17 21:10:19

Starship Entertainment released a dance practice video of SISTAR’s Bora joining Boyfriend for the boy group’s latest song “Bounce.”

The SISTAR member blends in seamlessly with the boys and exudes charisma as she nails all of the dance moves. Her dancing reflects her ability to flawlessly execute boy group moves proving her amazing dancing skills.

Meanwhile, Boyfriend will be attending China’s YinYue V-Chart Awards red carpet and ceremony on April 11. They are preparing a special performance for fans. Before that, the group will have a solo concert titled “2015 Boyfriend, The First Chapter in Taiwan ‘Bewitch’” in Taiwan’s TICC (Taipei International Convention Center) on April 5.

Since they are receiving a lot of love and attention for their new song “Bounce,” they are busy with preparations for an international tour.

Check out Bora and Boyfriend in the video below!