Ga In’s “Paradise Lost” Breaks 4 Million Views in Just a Week

2015-03-18 20:21:31 2015-03-18 20:21:31

The music video for Ga In’s brand new song “Paradise Lost” has surpassed four million views on YouTube in just one week.

As of today, “Paradise Lost” has been viewed an impressive 4,120,008 times since its release on March 11. This number is likely to continue growing.

Ga In’s previous hit music videos include “Bloom,” which has broken 10 million views since its release in 2012, and “Fxxk U,” which has broken 6 million views since its release in January of last year.

Meanwhile, Ga In made a comeback on March 12 with her fourth mini album “Hawwah,” which features double title tracks “Paradise Lost” and “Apple.”

Have you seen the music video for Ga In’s “Paradise Lost” yet?

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