Honey Lee’s Sister and Soyu’s Close Friend Nicole Guest on “Get it Beauty”

2015-03-18 18:32:32 2015-03-18 18:34:15
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On the March 18 broadcast of OnStyle’s beauty show “Get It Beauty,” MC Honey Lee’s sister Seul Gi Lee and Soyu’s sister-like close friend Nicole appear as special guests for the show’s “Sisters Special.”

The audience members are also accompanied by their sisters and share their personal two-is-better-than-one beauty tips and tricks.

This is the first time that Seul Gi Lee, a gayageum instrumentalist, appeared on television with her younger sister Honey Lee. They had held a joint gayageum performance before, but it is the first time for the sisters to be in the same studio together.

Seul Gi Lee shares, “Because my dongseng has been busy these days, I haven’t been able to really see her, so I came out to see her face as well as to meet you all.”

When asked about her friendship with Nicole, Soyu says, “When I first met Nicole, because Nicole is very bubbly and cute while I’m very laid-back, I thought we wouldn’t get along. But through conversations, I realized that we understand each other, and that’s how we became close friends.”

The “Sisters Special” of “Get It Beauty” aired on March 18 at 9 p.m. on OnStyle.

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