Lee Hyori Talks about Her Popular Personal Blog with Marie Claire

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lee hyori

In an interview for a recent pictorial with Marie Claire magazine, Lee Hyori talks about her popular personal blog.

In the photos, the singer looks bohemian chic as she lounges around the house in pieces that channel the 1970s like a sleeveless jumper, a tie dye blouse, and ankle boots.

lee hyori

In the corresponding interview, she says, “After marriage, I wanted to show others the small pleasures and beauty [of my life] after settling down in Jeju Island.” She also shares that she enjoys connecting with like-minded people.

lee hyori

The blogger also opens up about her social activism, “It’s not easy to raise your voice about social issues, but I think I am more interested [in these issues] because I believe that all of us are connected as one.

lee hyori

Meanwhile, you can catch the full spread and interview in Marie Claire’s April issue.

Are you a fan of her blog?

Update: additional photos

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