Lunafly Introduces Two New Members, Jin and Yub

2015-03-18 06:37:32 2015-03-18 22:57:35

Lunafly is adding two new members to the group, and the first one has revealed to be drummer Jin!

On March 18, the group’s management shared a picture of the original members, Sam Carter and Yun, as well as the silhouettes of two mystery men through Lunafly’s social media accounts. Just a few hours later, the accounts were updated with a new photo featuring Jin. The new face went on to introduce himself to group’s fans with two charming selcas and a short greeting.

The addition of new members comes shortly after the departure of Teo, who decided to part ways with the group early this year.

It appears that Lunafly will be getting one more new member, so stay tuned for more updates!



The second member has been revealed as Yub, on guitar!

lunafly yub

lunafly yub 1