Misaeng Actors Reunite in “Missing Noir M”; Kang Ha Neul Plays Psychopath

2015-03-18 07:26:39 2015-03-18 07:26:39

Some actors from the cast of Misaeng will be meeting each other again in the new OCN thriller drama Missing Noir M.”

Park Hae Joon and Son Jong Hak appear together in episodes 3 and 4 of the series. Park Hae Joon is playing a father whose child has been kidnapped, while Son Jong Hak’s character is a representative of the company where Park Hae Jun’s character works.

park hae joon son jong hak

On top of that, the first two episodes of the show feature Kang Ha Neul, one of Misaeng’s stars. He is playing a psychopath who clearly has some anger issues.

Check out the video to see Kang Ha Neul filming his first scene for the show. In a fit of frustration, his character smashes everything around him. The actor then jokingly apologizes to the director for destroying the set in his first scene. The director tells him not to worry about it because they all had fun watching him.

He then takes a “psychopath selfie” using a selfie stick. His dazzling smile might make him appear innocent, but he’s actually holding a hammer in his hand while he takes the shot!

“Missing Noir M” will air on March 28 on OCN.

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