Sexy Teaser Images of miss A’s Fei Released

2015-03-18 22:24:03 2015-03-18 22:24:03

Teaser images featuring miss A member Fei have been released ahead of the group’s new album, “Colors.”

The seven photos, released March 19 on miss A’s official SNS accounts, feature Fei in the kitchen with her long hair down, wearing a sleeveless top and hot-pants. Most notable to many in the photos are her bronzed skin and flawless figure, while her gentle gaze as she drinks tomato juice is both sexy and alluring to Fei’s male fans. Fei has given a totally unique performance in the photos, which leave a lasting impression and give new meaning to the word “sexy.”

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment announced March 19 that it will gradually release teaser images of each miss A member, beginning with Fei, before the group’s comeback album “Colors” is released on March 30.

miss a fei colors teaser 5

miss a fei colors teaser 4

miss a fei colors teaser 3

miss a fei colors teaser 2

miss a fei colors teaser 0

miss a fei colors teaser 1