New Girl Group The Ark Reveals Third Member Halla

2015-03-19 01:55:13 2015-03-19 01:55:13

New girl group The Ark has revealed its third member!

Joining members Yuna Kim and Jeon Min Joo is seventeen-year-old Halla. Born in Daegu on March 20, 1998, Halla’s name means to “seize the galaxy.” In addition to having talents in singing and dancing, The Ark’s latest member has already set a foot in acting, having previously starred in Hong Jin Young’s music video for “Cheer Up.”

halla the ark

The Ark, named after Joan of Arc, will, in the end, be a five-member girl group. Previously revealed members Yuna Kim (“K-Pop Star”) and Jeon Min Joo (“Superstar K”) have already released their own solos, Yuna Kim with “Without You Now” featuring MFBTY and Jeon Min Joo with “Good Bye Rain” featuring Yuna Kim.

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