Oh Ji Ho and Secret’s Hyosung Confirmed for “Cheo Yong 2”

2015-03-19 01:04:13 2015-03-19 01:33:00

Oh Ji Ho and Secret‘s Hyosung have been confirmed for the upcoming OCN crime drama “Cheo Yong 2.”

The two will be resuming their characters from the first season of the show that aired in early 2014.

“Cheo Yong” is a crime thriller drama about Yoon Cheo Yong, a detective in the violent crime unit who can see, hear, and touch ghosts. Hyosung was a high schooler ghost.

The drama was a big hit during its run, having the highest rating of 2.7%, a record-breaking rating for an OCN original drama at the time. OCN’s “Bad Guys” later broke that record with the highest rating of over 4%.

According to a broadcast insider, the filming will begin in June. They are currently in the process of reviewing the script.