Sean Donates 20 Million Won Earnings to Children’s Hospital

2015-03-19 09:54:05 2015-03-19 10:19:00

Jinusean‘s Sean has donated the 20 million won he received for doing a recent photo shoot with Nike and Arena to the construction of the Purme Foundation’s new children’s hospital.

This is all part of his ongoing campaign called “My Bean is Running! Good Action by Sean” which is raising funds for the hospital. In addition to donating money personally, Sean and his wife, actress Jung Hye Young, have been encouraging people to contribute through a fun campaign page on the new Korean donation website Happy Bean.

As users donate money in the currency of “Happy Beans” on the page, a bean that represents Sean runs on the spot. That’s because Sean has pledged to run 1 meter for every 100 won (about US$0.10) donated to the campaign! You can catch updates from Sean about his run on the website.

The page also includes an auction of goods that were donated by celebrities such as Winner, BIGBANG’s Taeyang, and Akdong Musician. There are video messages of support from these artists on the website as well.

All funds will go to the building of the Purme Foundation’s new specialized hospital for disabled children to provide them with the opportunity to receive much-needed early treatment.

Since May 28th of last year, the total amount of funds donated has reached over 193,000,000 won (approx. US$172,000) and continues to climb. This means that Sean is going to be running over 1,930 kilometers! Amazing!