Yoon Kye Sang’s Reps Explain Honey Lee Is Not Exposed in Controversial Photo

2015-03-19 19:39:09 2015-03-19 20:57:28

After a photo appeared in an online community yesterday with suggestive comments, Yoon Kye Sang was forced to offer an official explanation.

The photo at issue shows actor Yoon Kye Sang washing a pet dog in the bathroom. While the activity itself is harmless, what became the topic of controversy is the reflection of Honey Lee in the glass door in the bathroom stall taking the picture, as she apparently appeared nude to some viewers.


Yoon Kye Sang’s and Honey Lee’s management agency, Saram Entertainment, stated: “The photo at issue is a photo that Yoon Kye Sang uploaded to a fan cafe in the past and then took it down. The person in the photo is indeed Honey Lee, but it is unfortunate that the photo has been maliciously edited, reproduced, and distributed as if she was nude.”

Actor Yoon Kye Sang and actress Honey Lee (Lee Han Nui) officially acknowledged their relationship back in 2013.