Kim So Eun Reveals Her Bare Face To Song Jae Rim on “We Got Married”

2015-03-21 10:19:49 2015-03-21 10:19:49

Kim So Eun finally revealed her makeup-less bare face to Song Jae Rim.

On the episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” the couple embarks on a journey to Jeju Island.

After a long day, the two wipe up their makeup and wash their faces before going to bed. Kim So Eun removes her eye makeup and fake eyelashes during the process.

Song Jae Rim comments, “I didn’t know you wore fake eyelashes. They look like the back legs of an ant and you have so many attached too.” In response to his joke, Kim So Eun only erases the makeup on only one side of her face and presents it to her husband. Song Jae Rim responds by jokingly saying, “You should appear on a freak show,” making Kim So Eun laugh.

Despite all of his jokes, Song Jae Rim ends the night with a romantic compliment as he tells his wife, “Your bare face before you go to sleep is the prettiest.”

kim so eun bare face

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