JYP Entertainment’s Stock Values Take a Dip after Suzy and Lee Min Ho Go Public

2015-03-22 20:53:23 2015-03-22 20:53:23

With girl group miss A‘s Suzy and actor Lee Min Ho going public with their relationship, Suzy’s management company JYP Entertainment‘s stock values seem to be suffering.

Just two hours after entertainment news outlet Dispatch reported that Lee Min Ho and Suzy were dating on March 23, the JYP Entertainment’s shares were sold for 4,800 KRW, which is 3.03 percent lower than what it had been sold for the day before. However, it seems the stock is making a recovery, as it is back on the rise since its initial drop today. As of 12:52 p.m. KST, the value stands at 4,855 KRW.

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Meanwhile, actor Lee Min Ho and miss A’s Suzy have confirmed their relationship. On March 23, Lee Min Ho’s management company Starhaus Entertainment said, “The two have been meeting for about one month now, and are carefully continuing their relationship” while JYP entertainment echoed, “They are indeed in a relationship. They have been dating carefully for about a month.”

Suzy is looking forward to miss A’s comeback on March 30, and Lee Min Ho is on tour fan meets after finishing his movie, “Gangnam 1970.”

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