Kim Woo Bin Discusses His Unsophisticated 20’s on “Section TV”

2015-03-22 14:37:50 2015-03-22 14:37:50

In an appearance on MBC’s “Section TV” on March 22, actor Kim Woo Bin, star of upcoming film “Twenty,” described what his actual twenties were like.

“I was enrolled in a modeling program when I was twenty, but I was much more unsophisticated then, almost to an unforgivable extent. It was frustrating,” he explained.

In reference to his new film, “Twenty,” Kim Woo Bin was then asked about any friends he has who are hardworking, to which he responded, “My friend Lee Kyu Hwan. He still dreams of becoming an actor while working a part time job.” He was then asked about any friends he has who are heavy drinkers, to which he responded, “I have a friend named Shin Suk Chul. He’s trying to become an actor, but he changes every time he drinks.”

During the interview, Kim Woo Bin also talked about his passion for modeling, saying, “There was nothing else for me. I wanted to become a model, and I also thought about becoming a modeling teacher later on as well.”

Fans can catch Kim Woo Bin in “Twenty” when it premiers on March 25.