A Pink’s Bomi and Chorong Transform into Twins for InStyle

2015-03-23 20:18:20 2015-03-23 20:18:20

A Pink‘s Bomi and Chorong became twins for the day while modeling for a unique new photo shoot for InStyle magazine.

In the photos, they’re dressed in very similar hairstyles, makeup, and outfits. They’re showing off the trendiest accessories for the season, including funky clutches and mirrored sunglasses.

The two stylish stars had a great time on set, remarking, “When we looked at each other after we’d been dressed up to fit the concept of the shoot, it really seemed like we were twins. It was so fun.”

bomi chorong 3

The mood on set was infectiously bright, as the staff members couldn’t help but laugh when they saw how much the two girls resembled each other.

You can check out the full series of photos in April’s issue of InStyle magazine.

bomi chorong 2