Baek Ji Young Teams Up with Song Yu Bin from “Superstar K” for Heart-Rending MV

2015-03-23 20:00:22 2015-03-23 20:00:22

You might be used to having your heart broken by Baek Ji Young‘s ballads. Or maybe you take comfort in singing along to her break-up songs. Either way, that feeling is going to be doubled when you listen to her new duet with the young crooner Song Yu Bin.

Song Yu Bin was a contestant who made it into the top four on the sixth season of the talent competition show “Superstar K” (note that he should not be confused with the female contestant of the same name). Baek Ji Young was one of the “Superstar K” judges at the time. After the show, Song Yu Bin was signed to Music Works, which is also Baek Ji Young’s agency.

The song is entitled “Garosugil at Dawn.” “Garosugil” means “tree-lined street” in Korean, and is also the name of an area in Gangnam that is known for its art galleries, chic boutiques, and cozy cafés. The lyrics tell the story of a couple pining for each other while working the night shift and walking the streets of their neighborhood.

Song Yu Bin probably got some great tips from the queen of ballads, Baek Ji Young. What do you think of this new duet?