EXID Aiming to Make Comeback in April

2015-03-23 22:56:05 2015-03-23 22:56:05

While it was previously reported that girl group EXID would return with a brand new album in March, it is now said that the group is currently preparing to make a comeback around the middle of next month.

On March 24, a representative of EXID’s agency, Yedang Entertainment, shared with OSEN, “[EXID] is making preparations with the goal of releasing a new album during the third week of April.”

The agency rep continued to explain, “While they are aiming for a mid-April comeback, the exact date has not yet been decided. The members of EXID are focused on working on the new album these days.”

In November of last year, the group belatedly rose to the top of music charts with “Up & Down,” four months following its original release date. As this will be their first comeback since then, many fans are expressing curiosity and anticipation as to what kind of music they will return with.

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