K-Dramas vs. J-Dramas vs. TW-Dramas: A Couch Kimchi Roundtable

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As if there isn’t enough on our K-drama plate, the girls of Couch Kimchi still manage to squeeze in some time for J-dramas and TW-dramas! In this roundtable, we’ll be discussing the differences between the three and our appreciation for the unique elements of each one.


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How long have you been watching dramas?

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What attracts you to Japanese dramas?

What attracts you to Taiwanese dramas?

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K-drama vs. J-drama vs. TW-drama: Which floats your boat?

Let’s talk remakes!

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Favorite dramas

Favorite actors

Favorite actresses

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How about other Asian dramas?

Which elements from all three would you combine to make your perfect drama?



Tessieroo: I started watching Korean dramas at the beginning of 2005, but I didn’t begin a Taiwanese drama until I read buzz about Ariel Lin. I decided to watch “It Started With A Kiss,” which I didn’t like. LOL. I loved some of her later work, especially “In Time With You.” From there, I would search actors’ names and watch other dramas or movies they starred in; it’s something I still do. Also, if a drama tackles a particularly tough subject, like the TW-drama “Mars which dealt with rape.  

And then Japanese actor Haruma Miura took over when I saw him in “Kiozora” (“Sky Of Love“). Even with that horrible pink/white hair, it was clear this kid could act. His performance in “Hours Of My Life” was amazing. I still try to follow everything he does. So, I guess I’ve been watching Japanese dramas for around seven years.

Clockwatcher: My memory is fuzzy, but I’ll say I’ve been watching Korean dramas for a little over a decade and a little less than a decade for both Taiwanese and Japanese dramas. I started watching J-dramas because I became bored with the lack of variety in K-dramas. I can’t remember my first, but I think my first attempt at “Hana Yori Dango” put me off them. LOL. However, I gave it another shot after I’d gotten use to the J-drama style and enjoyed it after skipping to the fourth episode.  I also can’t remember my first Taiwanese drama, but unlike Tess, “It Started With A Kiss” was the first one with which I fell in love.  It’s still one of my favorites.

Rinchan: I’ve been a K-drama and J-drama viewer for four years. Although it has been a short time, I have binged through quite a lot since I discovered Asian dramas; however, I have only been watching TW-dramas for a little over two years.