miss A’s Suzy Will Answer Questions about Lee Min Ho during Showcase

2015-03-24 19:20:46 2015-03-24 19:20:46

Scandals and relationships are always a big obstacle for idols, especially for the females. While they can either face the issue or run away from it, miss A’s Suzy chose to be upfront about her relationship with Lee Min Ho. miss A’s showcase will still run on schedule and she will not be avoiding any questions regarding Lee Min Ho.

Suzy’s dating scandal poured rain over the group’s comeback. Though the other members are starting to spread their names, it is obvious that Suzy is the main force behind the group. For such a star to have been caught in Paris on a date with Lee Min Ho is enough to have shaken the hearts of fans. Strategically, it could be better for the group if Lee Min Ho’s name never comes up again.

However, JYP revealed, “We are planning to continue the group’s comeback as scheduled. The showcase will still be held on March 30 and all guest appearances on shows will be proceeded. Though it would be ideal if no questions about dating came up, we’re planning to answer them if they are presented. This isn’t an issue we can just hide away from.”

It has been a year and a half since miss A released their last album “Hush” on November 2, 2013. Their new album “Colors” is motivated by strong female figures and will be captivating fans’ hearts with sexy women power. Surprisingly, Park Jin Young’s songs have been dropped in this album.